Full Tree Removals / Lopping

No tree is too large or small, Dixons Trees is fully equipped to remove your tree. Whether the tree is easy to get to, or out of the way close to your home, we have the correct equipment to remove it quickly and safely.


Tree Pruning

Whether your tree needs pruning for safety, its health or aesthetics, as a qualified arborist Phil Dixon can assess and carry out all of your pruning requirements. Height and access is not a problem as we can carry out work all over the Blue Mountains with our state-of-the-art tree pruning equipment.


Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be stubborn and if left cause hazards, which is why we have the latest machinery for stump grinding and removal. Call Dixons Trees for your obligation free quote or request a call back.


Chipping and Mulching

As an environmentally aware company we like to put trees to use once they’ve been lopped. Mulching and chipping is a great way to dispose of a removed tree and is good for your garden. Ask us about your mulching or chipping quote today.


Cranes, Trucks & Bobcats

Our fleet of trucks, bobcats, chippers and cranes allow us to comfortably accomodate for any tree related issues you may have. We’ve invested in the right equipment to ensure we can look after any aspect of tree removal in the Blue Mountains for you.



From commercial land clearing through to backyard tree pruning, Dixons provides simple, cost-effective, and appropriate solutions to your tree management needs.


Professional Crew

Dixons Trees employs a professional crew who are experienced in all aspects of tree removal. From small to large scale, domestic to commercial, we can ensure your tree related work is conducted efficiently and safely.

Large & Small Jobs

Our fleet including a large tipper truck, whole tree chippers, stump grinders, excavator, bobcat and our own crane, allow us to comfortably accomodate for any tree related issues you may have.

Prompt Service & Quotes

We are a local Blue Mountains based company that pride ourselves on a friendly, professional approach. Throughout the past 6 years, Dixons Trees has been built with a strong and positive reputation as a result of our reliabale and prompt service.

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