Australia is famous for its unique trees, from eucalyptus to banksia, we are all fortunate enough to live in a country where beautiful trees are everywhere. Unfortunately, trees are living things, and unhealthy trees can suddenly change from beautiful scenery to dangerous hazards. But what is the best way of removing an unsafe tree?


Our tree removal service

Dixon’s Trees can safely, efficiently and professionally remove any tree on your property, no matter the size, location or state of the tree.

There are a range of reasons why it is the best decision to remove a tree, these include:

Storm damage

After wild weather, trees can take structural damage to the trunk, roots or limbs. These trees should be examined for pruning or total removal.

 Tree health

Like all living things, sometimes trees die. Tree diseases can pass via insects, neighbouring properties or just happen. If you notice a tree is unhealthy, make sure to call a qualified arborist quickly to ensure property damage or personal injury are avoided.

 Renovation or landscaping

If you are doing a renovation or landscaping job, it is vital to get a professional arborist to ensure the tree is felled safely, and all stumps and roots removed to avoid problems during construction.

 Limb dropping

Some trees are known for dropping limbs, but sometimes a dropped limb is a precursor to much bigger tree health issues.

With a quick look, you can easily identify many tree health issues. However, there are some problems that call for fully trained and qualified arborists to diagnose.


While hard to spot, insect infestations can cause serious harm to trees. Our team are trained to spot signs of harmful pests that might make an otherwise healthy-looking tree dangerous.


If you notice splitting or cracking along the trunk of a tree, it might have implications to the tree’s ongoing structural strength. An inspection will inform whether your tree is in need of remedial pruning or taking down. Issues in trees develop slowly. If you have seen any symptom that you are unsure of, contact our team here for prompt inspections and peace of mind.

Why use Dixon’s for tree removal in Sydney?

Dixon’s Trees team of skilled professionals have the equipment and expertise ready to deal with any tree you need removed. Large or small, behind the back shed or very close to your home, our team will be able to remove any tree safely, efficiently and with the least disruption to your home and garden.

Prompt service and quotes

Our business is built on a reputation for prompt quotes, reliability and professionalism. We take pride in efficiency, and unlike some operators, we do whatever we can to leave your property looking as neat and tidy as we found it.

If you want the most reliable, friendly and professional tree removal service in Sydney, call Dixon’s Trees today. We specialise in removal of difficult to reach trees of any size, shape or age.

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