The sight of healthy, living trees in our backyards, parks and streets is part of what we love most about living in Australia. Unfortunately, trees will need to be cut down, this could be due to age, storm damage, insect infestation, rot or a number of other issues. If you have ever had a tree removed, you will know that cutting the tree down and mulching the waste is the easy bit. When you are left with a stump, you are left with a troublesome project. At Dixon’s Trees, when we cut down a tree on your property, our team makes sure to bring along our stump grinders to complete the job.


Our Stump Grinding Service

No matter if a stump came with the yard when you bought your house, was left after clearing up a tree fall, or is part of a full tree removal, Dixon’s Trees have the specialised grinding equipment to make short work of your stump removal. There are a variety of methods to remove a stump, some include rotting out, burning, or grinding.

Rotting a stump requires the least effort and is the slowest method of stump removal. Rotting is when you take efforts to accelerate the natural biodegradation of a stump in the ground. This will eventually work, but it can take months.

Burning may not be recommended or allowed in your area, be permitted during the summer months, or viable for a stump in a publicly accessible space. Burning sees a stump be drilled, and have accelerants added to create a fire within the stump itself. We do not recommend this approach.

Grinding is the most efficient and effective method of stump removal. When grinding a stump, the Dixon’s Trees team shave the stump core layer by layer, deep enough to follow the roots underground. Our industrial stump grinders will make much shorter work of your stump than a DIY rental grinder, leaving far less mess and reducing the disturbance to the rest of your garden plants.

Our Local Tree and Stump Removal Service

Serving the community for a decade, Dixon’s Trees have established a business based on an impeccable reputation, professional crews, and competitive quotes.

Dixons professional crew

All members of our crew are experienced in tree removal, pruning and stump removal. We can tackle any job, no matter the size, location or access difficulty. For your commercial business or home, we are fully equipped, trained and qualified, ready to ensure your tree removal job is completed quickly and safely.

Our Prompt Service and Quotes

Based in the Blue Mountains, we have built up a reputation for quick, professional, and affordable tree lopping services. Our team pride ourselves on friendly service, prompt response times and competitive quotes.

Contact Professional Stump Grinder

If you have a stump that needs removing, or want a tree removal team that complete the job root to branch, call Dixon’s Trees today. We are the Blue Mountain’s favourite arborist crew, and love providing the community with top quality tree removal solutions.

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